At the Anchor Point Food Pantry, we seek desired results, and we know that our success depends on the quality of our campaigns and partnerships. Our approach is to build strategic networks and promote programs that will help our community.  Get in touch with us to learn more on what we are passionate about and see how you can get involved.

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 Support Our Efforts

Volunteer support has the potential to make a real and productive change in the community.  Engaging our neighbors, encouraging them to become a part of the solution is an element for this positive change. Although we will always have the poor among us, many of them can be empowered by the gift of giving.  Learning the joy of serving their neighbor by seeing solid,  constructive examples; and by experiencing it first hand themselves, changes the perspective of many individuals. It is something that needs to be experienced first hand.  Get in touch with us today and see how you can lend a helping hand with our programs.

Community Development

We see the challenges as an opportunity, and this shows our neighbors, by example, our efforts and determination to make a better situation out of an unfortunate one.  Our attitude is positive; our actions are moving us forward.  With the help of our pantry partners, the Anchor Point Food Pantry is better prepared to manage the unique situations we find ourselves in. We are pursuing grants that will enhance our community and better enable us to deliver the support needed by our less fortunate neighbors.  Check us out.

Education & Outreach

Many of our efforts involve tried and true approaches gleaned by watching and listening to our more experienced partners.  We evaluate our success by looking at the results of our efforts - are they inspiring and positive?  Do they bring about a reaction that will benefit our neighbors and our community?  Can the results be seen by affirmative actions?  You can be a part of this.  As we move forward, we anticipate new and innovative ideas that will give rise to creative fundraising, assist us with necessary aids for our clients, and form great relationships with the caring people around us.    You, too, can make a difference for our community, for our children,... for our future.

Pantry Programs

Our weekly Food Distribution - Every Monday from 4-6pm we provide a food line with the help of the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank and the Homer Food Pantry. Two times a month we add a bag of shelf stable foods. Alongside this, we provide a meal.

Summer Produce - At times outside sources (such as the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank and the Alaska Food Coalition) provide grants for us to make avaiable fresh produce from local gardens.  

Children's Kids Day - Local sources (like Homer Foundation, Kenai Peninsula Food Bank, and Ulmer's) have made Kid's Day a possibility. It was a blast to be able to present these bags of food and gifts to the children of the community.  (This program is currently put on hold due to our transition.)

Salvation Army Commodities - Once a month the Salvation Army provides a bag of nutritious shelf stable food to eligable individuals and families.  It is available for pick up 3x a month. (Put on hold due to the pantry's transition.)

Delivery Service - Some of our volunteers deliver food for the housebound.  We have delivered as many as 100 in one evening (during Covid19)

Homeless Outreach - In January our pantry partners with the Homer Food Pantry, the South Peninsula Hospital, Kenai Peninsula Food Bank and the Alaska Community Foundation to bring Project Homeless Connect to aid the homeless and the marginal through the rest of the winter on the lower peninsula. Local sources that help in this endeavor are P.J.'s and Helping Hands.

Holiday boxes and dinners - During the holidays we make the extra effort to partner with outside sources to furnish a box filled with the holiday fixings.  When able, we join forces with a local establishment to provide a traditional holiday dinner.

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We dreamt, we met; we attempted to make a plan. 

Our dreams got put on hold as we were slowed down by “the process”.  We are still creeping forward.  We will keep you informed.  We will know more as we come into spring.  For now, we are holding up in a nice, warm shelter provided for us by the Alaska Community Foundation, and CITC.  The colder it gets, and the more it snows - the more we appreciate it!

                                                  And we so appreciate it!